Piguet – Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition


In the world of birds, hummingbirds have the brightest plumage with admirable coloration and ornaments, inspiring artists, poets and writers to create works of grace and beauty.

Enthralled with the exquisite beauty of the hummingbird, Piguet has embraced it as the brand icon, preparing to celebrate its 64th anniversary. “The Hummingbird’s Song” is the embodiment of grace and brilliance that are the essential aspects of our products.

This special pen, limited to only 200 pieces and it comes with a rollerball kit which allows users to easily turn the fountain pen into a rollerball pen.

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  • Body Material – Resin
  • Cap Type – Screw Cap
  • Compatible inks and refills – Bottled inks, Standard international cartridges,
  • Filling Mechanism – Cartridge, converter,
  • Nib – Medium size, No. 6, Steel
  • Nib Color – Gold,
  • Plating – Gold,
  • Diameter (Body) – 15mm,
  • Diameter (Cap) – 16mm,
  • Length (Body) – 129mm,
  • Length (Cap) – 64mm,
  • Length (Nib) – 22mm,
  • Length (Total Closed) – 145mm,
  • Weight (Body) – 28g,
  • Weight (Cap) – 27g,
  • Weight (Overall) – 56g,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Cartridge) – 1.08ml,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Converter) – 1.05ml,
  • Number of limits – 50 pieces.

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