Piguet – Al Ardah


Ardah is a type of folk dance in the Arabian Peninsula. The dance is performed with two rows of men opposite of one another, each of whom may or may not be wielding a sword or cane, and is accompanied by drums and spoken poetry.

Piguet proudly presents its new special edition: Al Ardah! This special pen takes its body color from the Saudi Arabian flag and bears the KSA logo on the top. Piguet refers to the KSA logo with a very special golden plated sword clip which is also very important for Ardah dance.

Al Ardahpen comes with a rollerball kit which allows users to easily turn the fountain pen into a rollerball pen. The special box of the pen has the Saudi Arabian flag inside.

  • Body Material – Resin
  • Cap Type – Screw Cap
  • Compatible inks and refills – Bottled inks, Standard international cartridges,
  • Filling Mechanism – Cartridge, converter,
  • Nib – Medium size, No. 6, Steel
  • Nib Color – Gold,
  • Plating – Gold,
  • Diameter (Body) – 15mm,
  • Diameter (Cap) – 16mm,
  • Length (Body) – 129mm,
  • Length (Cap) – 64mm,
  • Length (Nib) – 22mm,
  • Length (Total Closed) – 145mm,
  • Weight (Body) – 28g,
  • Weight (Cap) – 27g,
  • Weight (Overall) – 56g,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Cartridge) – 1.08ml,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Converter) – 1.05ml.

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