Piguet – Mehmed the Conqueror Special Edition


Piguet attributes its new fountain pen to one of the greatest characters of Turkish history, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror! There is a miniature of Sultan Mehmed Han’s sword on the cap and a copy of the gold medallion of Mehmed the Conqueror, made by Costanza de Ferrara, the medallion craftsman of Napoli King Ferdinand, and still on display at the National Gallery of Art (Washington) at the top of the cap.  The inscription surrounding the portrait on the medallion reads “The Emperor of the Turks and Greeks, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed” and is engraved with gold letters around the portrait of Mehmed made by one of the students of Gentile Bellini with Venetian style at the inside of pen’s box.

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  • Body Material – Resin
  • Cap Type – Screw Cap
  • Compatible inks and refills – Bottled inks, Standard international cartridges,
  • Filling Mechanism – Cartridge, converter,
  • Nib – Medium size, No. 6, Steel
  • Nib Color – 2 tone Silver/ Gold,
  • Plating – Gold,
  • Diameter (Body) – 15mm,
  • Diameter (Cap) – 16mm,
  • Length (Body) – 129mm,
  • Length (Cap) – 64mm,
  • Length (Nib) – 22mm,
  • Length (Total Closed) – 145mm,
  • Weight (Body) – 28g,
  • Weight (Cap) – 27g,
  • Weight (Overall) – 56g,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Cartridge) – 1.08ml,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Converter) – 1.05ml.

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