Mehmed the Conqueror Limited Edition


Ottoman Empire treasures are re-emerging. Swiss luxury fountain pen manufacturer Piguet celebrates the 569th Anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul with the “Mehmed the Conqueror Limited Edition” pen. The solid silver cap of the pen depicts Ottoman military armor and helmet. The pen, whose clip was produced as a miniature of the Sultan’s sword, is limited to 1453 pieces. The special wooden box with the signature of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror on 3 sides contains a copy of the famous painting “The Running of Ships by Land” by the Italian painter Fausto Zonaro, under its cover.

  • Body Material – Resin
  • Cap Type – Pull-out
  • Compatible inks and refills – Bottled inks, Standard international cartridges,
  • Filling Mechanism – Cartridge, converter,
  • Nib – Medium size, No. 6, 14k Gold
  • Nib Color – Gold,
  • Plating – Gold,
  • Diameter (Body) – 15mm,
  • Diameter (Cap) – 16mm,
  • Length (Body) – 129mm,
  • Length (Cap) – 64mm,
  • Length (Nib) – 22mm,
  • Length (Total Closed) – 145mm,
  • Weight (Body) – 28g,
  • Weight (Cap) – 27g,
  • Weight (Overall) – 56g,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Cartridge) – 1.08ml,
  • Maximum Ink Capacity (Converter) – 1.05ml.
  • Limit Number –1453 Pieces

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